Designing of engineering networks

Designing of engineering networks and utilities is necessary to develop or upgrade the infrastructure of any facility. At the design stage, the parameters of the energy consumption of the facility are determined, plans for the location of equipment and communications are developed, and the necessary engineering calculations are carried out.

The project is a prototype of the condition of an unimplemented facility and is being developed in accordance with state norms, rules and standards. At this stage, key decisions are made on volume planning, engineering, technological and constructive solutions, which are approved by the signature of the person in charge of the projects (i.e. the project’s chief engineer, chief project architect, project manager). The project contains special units of project documentation in accordance with the design objective.

Project Plus project bureau is a reliable partner in the field of design. Our company employs the best professionals with extensive experience. We guarantee high-quality and timely performance of work.

Focuses of our project department:

Design of power grids up to 20 kV::

  • lighting and power plants up to 1 kV;
  • up to a voltage of 20 kV (including transformer substations, distribution points, power lines);
  • overhead power lines up to 20 kV;
  • cable lines up to 20 kV;
  • street and facade lighting;
  • grounding and lightning protection.

Design of low-current systems:

Individual design

Project Plus unites the creative forces of architects, engineers, designers and builders for the comprehensive development and coordination of design documentation for the construction of the future facility. All this makes it possible to solve design and construction tasks quickly and qualitatively, without unnecessary papers and intermediaries, up to commissioning of the facility.
Designed by our experts, engineering systems fully comply with all norms (sanitary, fire safety, environmental, etc.) adopted in the Republic of Latvia, which guarantees safety and comfort of living.
Using the most up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge and building materials in projects allows us to satisfy any customer’s wishes.

How to order a design?

People who want to provide their houses with quality engineering systems and equipment can contact our company and order a design. For this purpose, it is necessary to prepare a written or oral application and receive a preliminary consultation of the designer.
Contact us and we will resolve all your questions.

Preliminary decisions are made on the basis of the obtained initial data. Based on the adopted preliminary decision, an indicative commercial proposal is formed.

If necessary, our specialist can invite the customer to a meeting to clarify the nuances. The meeting can take place both in the office of our company and at the customer’s site.
As a result of the meeting, the Terms of Reference are developed for carrying out designing works of engineering systems, the cost of design works is determined and a contract is concluded.