Construction supervision

Supervision of the technical condition of newly built, reconstructed and renovated buildings and structures, as well as representation of the customer’s interests in the construction process.

Before starting construction work we carry out:

– Control of the fulfilment of conditions for the beginning of design and construction;
– Evaluation of the construction project, projects of organization and performance of works;
– Conducting an assessment of the calendar schedule for the execution of construction work and the cash flow schedule;
– Preparation and approval of the construction supervision plan;
– Conducting an assessment of possible risks in the construction process and recommendations for their elimination.

During construction work we carry out:

– Representation of the rights and interests of the customer in the process of performing construction work
– Supervision of the construction process;
– Checking the sequence, quality and compliance of construction work;
– Control of the volume of completed construction work;
– Conformity check of construction products;
– Conducting a survey of the construction site and photographic identification of the detected;
– Supervision of elimination of defects discovered during inspections of the construction site.

At the final stage of construction, we carry out:

– Supervision of the construction site after the completion of construction work up to the commissioning of the facility;
– Coordination and supervision of the process of commissioning the facility;
– Supervision of obtaining the necessary approvals for commissioning the facility;
– Control and supervision of the completion of the necessary documentation for commissioning the building.

During the period of warranty service for construction work, we carry out:

– Development of a plan for controlling the performance of obligations during the period of warranty service for construction work;
– Inspection of the construction site, detection of defects, photographic identification of the detected, drawing up an act on the detected defects;
– Clarification of the causes of defects;
– Defining the ratio of defects to the work of warranty service for construction work;
– Recommendations for the elimination of defects;
– Control and supervision of the elimination of defects,
as well as other services in accordance with regulatory enactments regulating construction supervision and customer’s order.