Monitoring of buildings

Purpose of monitoring is evaluation of works performed during construction of a new building on existing buildings/structures during the construction, timely detection and reporting of possible deformations, in order to prevent moral and physical harm to any third parties. Monitoring is necessary, in order to fix the existing condition digitally, as well as to evaluate technical/visual condition of existing buildings with recommendations on further activities.

In order to provide for continuous supervision of bearing structures of surrounding buildings – foundations, walls, ceilings, the following activities described below will be performed.

Before monitoring (preparing stage):
– Photo fixation of the most characteristic cracks existing on surfaces of outer fa├žade walls.
– Installation of nonius control marks on the most characteristic cracks existing on the external surface of outer walls. Control mark (NONIUS) inspection data are registered in the works log and are processed and compared to the zero cycle and the previously performed cycle, in order to establish the crack opening dynamics.
– Geodetic network is created for supervision of deformation (monitoring in 3 planes is possible), allowing defining horizontal, vertical deviations of structures, as well as if structure collapses.
– Vibration measurements in ground, as well as on existing buildings and their bearing structures, in order to define the vibration level and the harm caused by it.
– Evaluation of the noise level that may be caused by vehicle traffic, as well as comparison thereof to the traffic-caused noise levels.